Email Marketing vs Traditional Mailings

Hurray for email! It makes reaching customers easier and cheaper, yet there are some companies that don’t yet have a great website or newsletter. What are you people waiting for?!? Email marketing campaigns are a great thing for your business, and I’m not just saying that because it is what I do for a living. Don’t believe me? Here are some reasons to join the 21st century and focus on electronic mailings:

  1. They are so much cheaper. You cut the cost of printing a catalog or mailing, for one. And postage rates keep going up, to the point where it can get pretty expensive to reach your customers. Now, if you make your living by direct marketing, I am not suggesting you stop altogether. I love getting full-color catalogs in the mail. You can just cut back on the amount of direct mail pieces you send by supplementing with electronic marketing, and you’ll keep a nice chunk of your expenses in your pocket.
  2. A good marketing company will have information for you that you cannot get from mailings. We can tell you which emails bounced without you having to worry about those little return cards or having your hard work go simply to “or resident” who does not care about your products. They simply get taken off the list and you can move on. We can even let you know how many people opened your messages!
  3. We know what your customers interact with. If you send clickable images or links in your messages, we can let you know which items customers were interested in and how many clicked on each link. You’ll be able to tailor messages to what your customers want and make your messages more successful. You can’t do that with direct mail!
  4. You can target messages to fit different groups, or even individual people quickly and easily. You don’t have to shell out money to create more than one version of a catalog. If you’ve got clients that regularly buy the latest trend, you can send those people “first look” messages. If you ask people to provide their birthdate, you can send a birthday message along with a discount code or other perk. What used to be time consuming and costly is now super easy to manage.
  5. They’re efficient. Draft one message and you’re set. Create several different templates and you’re covered for an entire campaign. You can schedule when the messages go out and then it is done automatically, no additional work required from you. No worries about printing delays or delivery mishaps. You press the send button and your intended audience receives the message. It’s that easy. Got a great last minute idea for a sale? No problem. Email lead time is so short, you can send messages out anytime, quickly and easily.
  6. Finally, there’s one other reason: the environment. It’s much easier and more practical not to cut down trees to use for a mailing that may or may not end up in the recycling bin. Sending something electronically requires no trees or other materials whatsoever. You cut down on waste on your end and on the consumer’s, too.

I hope that if you haven’t already, I have increased your interest in email marketing. Reach out to me if you have additional questions! I’d love to help.