Going Tankless!

We all use email, maybe less than texting, but it has wide business application for promoting goods and services and keeping in touch with clients. They should be short and sweet, but memorable. Writing them is a gift. They are very much like Facebook posts in that regard and all the same rules apply to website content. Keep it meaningful and laden with keywords.  The message line should be an enticement, not a put off. And don’t besiege your prospects with too many. The point is to retain interest in those who frequent your website looking to purchase your products or services. Getting the addresses from visitors is a precious enterprise. A quality list is a prized commodity.

Now what to do with this special asset. First, you have to create a campaign with clear features and benefits. You must remind people of why they came to you in the first place. You don’t need to over describe what is already available. Let’s say you are marketing a new line of tankless water heaters for If someone is in the hunt for one, they likely know it is because it is a space-saving, energy-saving device. They probably have researched price and hit on your product.

I would come up with a catchy opener like “Go Tankless!” I would be clever and tell a story about an old faulty unit and how the new model came to the rescue. People read stuff that is fun. They don’t care about installation instructions in an email. They want to remember why they like your system more than others. Quoting happy customers is therefore a great way to do it. And a picture says a thousand words. Videos never hurt. Be creative with your content and watch your sales soar.