Ethics and Values in Marketing

I started this company to help people grow their business. Email marketing is my specialty, so helping companies to inform people about their products in a cheap and effective way is my forte. There are a lot of ethical standards that one needs to live by to be a good and responsible marketing agent. For instance, I will never promote a product if I know or believe it’s harmful to others. When I choose to help a company, I always go through my ethics checklist. If you want to be my client, you need to be: honest, have integrity, have concerns, you must respect others, and you have to keep your promises. Trustworthiness is a virtue that I live by.

During my working experience, I’ve had several bad clients, so I learned my lesson the hard way. But despite these few “bad apples”, which I consider a blessing, most of my clients are good and hardworking people from small or medium-sized companies. They have limited resources and are trying hard to push their products or services to people who need them. These are my favorite clients since it’s easy to find a common language with them. They know what they want and try to do their best. This is the kind of approach from clients that motivates me to do my finest. Therefore, when I see my clients happy, I am happy as well.  

There are also small but good businesses that I rather help pro bono, or wait for payment if things turn out profitable. Most of the time these are small companies that promote health and well being. It makes me delighted when I deal with people who take the interest of the public as a motivation to do business. I have helped companies to promote yoga, meditation, and other healthy daily practices. I have assisted companies whose sole point is to promote health advice and provide health service. I have pushed local notifications about different kinds of events and have helped a campaign about the health disadvantages of smoking.

I learn a lot from this kind of practice, and sometimes I feel that’s the biggest payment. For instance, I have learned that secondhand smoke is really bad for everybody who is exposed to it. Therefore, you need to protect yourself as much as you can. I had the pleasure to promote smoke air purifiers for Daniel and even got one for myself. I can talk further about the benefits of these devices, but the only way to understand their value is to experience them.